Colors !

Writing my first blog here, I should emphasize on my introduction and my way of thinking. My posts would be conclusions and inspirations drawn from my observations and learning about life, the visible aspects and the invisible.

I am Shahid. A fresh graduate from NED University in Electrical Engineering.

Lets start today with something light…

Everything represents the essence of life in its own way. Take colors for example, every color has has its unique wavelength and hence uinique amount of energy and wave pattern. Just like in telecommunication, every signal with particular energy represents information of voice or video; colors represent something about life too. Why is a red rose more romantic than a yellow one? Why does a white dress ‘feel’ more sacred than a silver dress. It is true that we associate some colors with some feelings or occasions but even those associations are based on the essence that the colors carry. Here are some associations:

Red – Romantic

Black – Grim

White – Sacred

Green – Typical

Blue – Cool

The reasons can be:

Red – Highest frequency, highest energy and so flowing with emotions (both love and anger)

Black – Absence of color and so void of emotion or depleting emotion like sadness.

White – Sacred because it contains all the colors and hence all the emotions.

Green – Centre of the spectrum and so is most balanced and easy going.

Blue – Cool because of water and also because its low frequency gives a soothing environment.

More to come on colors or other things that present life in their own way.

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