Colors and there implications

Through out all times colors have been linked to several religions. These colors have also been given meanings in spirituality and therefore the universality of colors has never been denied. The colors person chooses in certain circumstance are not merely arbitrary but carry meanings and translate one’s personality. Often there are specific colors that attract people. Thus colors chosen by individuals have there meanings and are chosen deliberately, explaining one’s personality, who she/he is?

There is no escaping to colors the way there is no escape to death. They are omnipresent. These colors have different meanings in different cultures too. Following are some of the colours with there meanings and implications:

– Black is a color emanating power and prerogative. Usually black outfits are overpowering and make people look thinner. Villains usually use this color.
– White personifies purity and freedom.
– Green is the color of nature. It relaxes the nerves. In Middle Ages brides use to wear green colour in order to symbolize productive powers.
– Red incites emotionalism. It’s a color of love prompting extremism.
– Blue is among the most popular colors. It is the color of sky tranquility and peacefulness.

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