Color Power

Colors are what make this universe a pleasure-living place. Colors are a very powerful thing. They could change the things at their head, on the spot.They can set a mood, attract attention, or create a statement. They can be utilized to energize, or they could be use to cool down.

Right colors at the right place can do wonders. By choosing right colors, one can create an ambiance of elegance, warmth or tranquility, or one can convey an image of playful youthfulness. In the human management, colors can be one’s most effective tool in one’s repertoire.

Colors affect us in numerous ways, both mentally and physically. A strong red color has been known to raise the blood pressure, while a blue color has a calming effect. Being able to use colors consciously and harmoniously can help you create spectacular results. People use colors to convey message. People use them to impress or depress other. They are also used to show approval or disapproval. The language of colors is universal and is spoken and understood across the planet.

The most powerful color of this universe is the fair sex. Without them, the universe is not worth living. They are the ones who add colors and in other words power to the universe. As the great eastern poet, Allama Iqbal put it,”Wajood a zun say hai kainat mien rung”.

Colors ignite emotional, behavioral and physical stimuli in ourselves and in the responses of others. To succeed in life depends heavily on the colors of your personality externally and internally.

Following is the chemistry of colors courtesy to Jill Bremer, AICI, CIP, Bremer Communications

Black = dignified, elegant, intimidating, powerful, aloof. It’s difficult to establish rapport in black, but it’s perfect for the power plays of the boardroom.

White = innocent, pure, optimistic, indecisive. Wear white as a small piece of your ensemble (shirts, blouses). Save your all-white ensemble for your medical uniform, casual wear or a walk down the aisle.

Gray = steady, stable, negotiable, disciplined. A great color for business attire. Gray inspires creativity and symbolizes success.

Blue = loyal, sincere, serene, responsible, pragmatic, conservative, respect. All shades, especially navy, work well in business.

Red = vital, passionate, courageous, aggressive, impulsive, bullying. Red demands attention, but don’t wear it for presentations. After 20-30”, your audience will become agitated and stressed.

Green = inexperienced, wealthy, jealous, moderate, balanced, traditional. Green refreshes the spirit and encourages us to feel compassion.

Yellow = cheerful, warm, caution, innovative. Use yellow in small amounts. Babies cry more and more arguments break out around yellow.

Brown = earthy, casual, safe, reliable, stable. A good color for encouraging dialogue; it promotes honesty in others. Wear it when you need to look like “one of the team.”

Pink = gentle, approachable, emotional, reduces stress. It’s hard to bully others or be bullied around pink. Pink encourages agreement.

2 thoughts on “Color Power”

  1. Even people have colors. i mean, as in their aura colors. they say that if u stand in fron of a mirror with a white background, in a lit room, not too bright, and focus on one point for long, e.g, ur forehead in the mirror, u see the color of ur aura. also if u stand in front of a mirror and sway from side to side, u’ll see ur aura color. different colors mean different things.
    hope that didn’t sound like a lot of hocus pocus weird stuff.

  2. All colour’s has it’s own charm and elligance , surely it enlighten’s the world around you … Every shade give’s it own meaning … Black and white is all ordinary ! ! !


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