Collision of Two Giants : Financial Comparison

When giants meet, thunderstorms are sure to bolt, and mere mortals are sure to speculate and calculate. Along with mere mortals, the leading tech blogs like Tech Crunch are exploring and estimating as what would the entreaty between the two entail after the merger. Microsoft’s generous offer of $31 a share offer of Yahoo is all set to takeover Yahoo.

Tech Crunch has got a very interesting table illustrating the financial implications of Microsoft, Yahoo, MicroYahoo, and Google. The table lists financial figures on the basis of revenue, gross profits, operating expenses, net profits, head count, market cap, and U.S Market Share.

The fact is that this venture is very crucial for not only Microsoft but also for the future of Internet. Google is all set to dominate and ultimately monopolize the Internet, and it’s good to see the collision of two giants, because it would start a new race of rendering value-added services to the surfers, and excitement is on, and really the wow starts now.

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