Cola Craze in Pakistan

Whether we admit it or not,like it or not, Colas like Pepsi and Coke have become very much a part of our society. Over the years, many competitors emerged, but they failed to produce any dent in the popularity of foreign colas. Pakola, Mecca cola and now Amrat cola are to Pepsi, what Bangladesh is to Australia in cricket.

What are the reasons of market superiority of foreign colas? Is that something to do with quality or this trend shows our social inferiority complex or this depicts our all-too familiar blind imitation of west? But despite of above mentioned reasons, a product has got to have something to be a leader. In regards of colas, Pepsi seems to lead the market at least in Pakistan. It would be interesting to have a look at its history.

Pepsi started 1898 in a drugstore in New Bern, North Carolina. The dispenser, Caleb Branham wanted to come up with a soft drink that tasted good and was healthy at the same time. Branham also wanted the soft drink to be refreshing and give extra energy. Branham was not only a dispenser he was also a bartender so he started with what he knew. At the bar, he mixed his ideas with carbonated water and after a while he started to offer the drink to the customers. (

Branham then began to advertise the drink as Brad’s Drink and he was sure that it should be a big success. In the meantime, he changed the name to Pepsi-Cola and in1906 he registered the first Pepsi-Cola brand. (

After the introduction of the Pepsi-Cola in the United States, Branham had a larger vision and wanted to introduce his soft drink in other countries. He started with Canada and Mexico. Soon Pepsi-Cola grew into the huge and well known company it is today. It reaches to consumers through the red, white, and blue circle image that has grown to become the sustainable market of powerful profit all over the world. (

The very first Pepsi commercial was on the local news in 1903 and survived through 1939. In fact, Pepsi advertised the first jingle ever at the radio. Later on, the jingle became a big jukebox hit. In the 50’s Pepsi was advertised for the upper class and the soft drink was very common at parties, the advertising worlds were “Be sociable.” Later it changes to a younger target group and the advertising worlds were “Come alive! You’re the Pepsi generation” and now it’s “Pepsi-for those who think young”. (

“The Pepsi challenge” was introduced in 1970. It was a well known campaign that focused on finding out which cola tasted best in a head to head match up between Coke and Pepsi. The consumers got two glasses of cola, one was Pepsi-Cola and one was Coca-Cola but the consumer didn’t know which was which. When consumers tasted the colas they had to say which one they liked most. Pepsi was the Winner!! (

As like other foreign products, Pepsi hasnt been able to maintain its quality in Pakistani circle. There are lots and lots of complaints regarding the quality of this drink. I have often heard news that somebody has found a fly or some other bug in the bottle. Complaints like expired drink are also rampant. I myself have drank Pepsi which tasted like used bath water. Though I havent have an oppurtunity to taste the Pepsi in America or Europe, but I am sure that the standard of Pepsi in Pakistan would very much be below as compared to Pepsi in West.

What are your complaints about Pepsi or Coke or any other soft drink? or have you got any interesting happening with these products? We would love to hear from you.

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  1. i have a shop in chiniot pakistan district shop is 32 years old.i sold approximately 35 pepsi cret and 20 pets of 1.5 botteles and 12 pets of 1/2 bottells 48 teen pack but i have only one freeze box. I reqired a vg cooler and one more freez box and also a board for advertise . pleaze visit my shop and issue this.
    I shell be very thank ful toyou.
    From noor ul hassan drink corner. gala mandi chiniot.

  2. I once found a little piece of wood in my dear miranda bottle,but as I hooked to it, with some apprehension, I still drink it a lot.


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