One of few things in our society, which has always made me ashamed is the state of cleanliness outside Pakistani homes. I think that is the major difference between a developed and a developing country.

Outside the houses, you will see the reckless disposal of refuse and wastage. Just outside the boundary wall of house, there will be the waste of that or other houses in the street. The streets are littered with garbage, which include papers, polythene bags, stale meals, dung, debris and other weird things. If you will go
inside those houses, they will be as clean as heart of an angel.

This state of affair is ubiquitous all over the Pakistan, no matter whether it is the capital Islamabad or any highly educated town like Wah or any village like ‘Jhubran’. People, habitually and callously throw things in street after cleaning their houses. Commuters throw wrappers and other things from the vehicles while traveling. Picnic spots and parks have converted into a heap of dung. You will commonly see people urinating on the sidewalks. To add insult to injury, due to lack of planning and corruption, there are many roads and streets which are suffering
from the disorder of sewerage system.

Generally the aim of cleanliness comprises mainly of health, beauty, absence of offensive smell, avoidance of shame, and to avoid the spreading of dirt and contaminants to oneself and others. Almost all of us seem to avoid the anti-cleanliness elements just from us.

Cleanliness has been declared as an element which comprises the half part of faith of Muslims. More than 98% of Pakistanis are Muslims. Ironic isn’t it?

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  1. We need to develop a believe in ourselves. Together We can do a lot for the common good of the society. It is the need that we should not only be prapred personall to do deeds of collective good but we shall have to get people together for this cause for a positive change in the society. Look at the history of revolutions; it has only be a collective efforts of alive peopleto change things altogether. Let’s look into ourselves; is there anything that we lack? No! its only the first step that we are shy to take. Let’s determine to take first step and I assure that we shall be able to change the course of history and things will go the way we would like them to go.

  2. Today must my day for finding fun things to comment on. May be I should trade this temporary vacation for a retirement so I could complain about everything full time. I have a sightly different take. Don’t even mention Islamabad, I am told it is a small city just a few miles from Rawalpindi outside Pakistan.

    But imagine a large and beautiful mansion in any city Pakistan costing in to millions of ruppees, surrounded by similar homes in a posh neighborhood. Are you with me. Are you telling me that inhibitants of these dwellings are so poor that they can’t get togather with other residents to arrange a cleanup of their own street themselves or pay others to do it. No sir it is not money. We are just incapable of collective and cooperative action. It is obvious in every sphere of life. Roads in front of these very houses is in tatters, water supply doesn’t work, electricity supply is sporadic and of poor quality, telephones (you know how well they work) government at all levels is non functional. No sir none of these things have anything to do with poverty.

    It has every thing to do with our philosophy. If God is grading us on a scale from 1 to 10 we are getting zeros or negative scores on every count. Our politics is corrupt, our society is bereft of morality, law and order broke down long ago, our economy is regressing, our army is busy sucking up all of our resources in service of its “Officers”. We truly believe in every man for himself and we are prepared to step upon bodies of our brothers to make sure we get more than our share of every thing.

    How do we change all of this? Have you got the Aladin’s magic lamp? I am too old to want go on this journey. With out a doubt you can find you own way if you really want to. Audios.

  3. Both the authorities and the mindset of our people are to blame for this. Each time I arrive in Pakistan after spending some time abroad, I’m frustrated at the lack of facilities for handling refuse, both in public places as well as the daily garbage that any home generates. However, in Japan for example, you’ll also be hard-pressed to find both of these, yet pretty much the whole country seems to be surgically clean.

    Having no other option, it only takes a while to get used to throwing your trash where you stand, though you can’t get rid of a gnawing feeling of guilt within.

    I’m quite happy to see that at least in Islamabad, things are getting better, whether due to the CDA’s efforts or all the private entities sponsoring the city’s beautification. And most, if not all, citizens are starting to make use of the dustbins and making some effort to avoid littering. Better education? or more exposure to the outside world?


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