Clean shaven men forcing their wives to wear the burka

Is there anything more stupid than a clean shaven man, who wears jeans, trousers and shirts forcing his wife into a burka. First of all there is no such thing as force in Islam. Secondly, if a person wears a kurta and has a long beard forces his wife into a burka, although wrong, at least it would look normal. Bearded man in kurta with burka clad wife. Imagine a bearded man wearing kurta with a woman in a skirt. Would it not look hilarious and stupid. Clean shaven men look more stupid when you see them in malls and on streets with burka clad women.

Why are some men in developing countries so stupid? It seems as though they think Islam only applies to their wife. She must wear the burka (although they can do whatever they want). She should not go to work (even though they may not have any kids), she must do all the housework (which she is not responsible for) and she must serve his parents (which is pathetic). These husbands should know that the wife is actually a human being and not an object who must follow their whims and desires.

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  1. I had previously tried to grow a beard for a period of 8-12 months and it just wouldn’t not fill in. I had very long patchy side burns and fuss on my chin it looked very odd and unprofessional for work etcetra. It is permissibly to not grow the beard if you cannot get it to fill in? I had asked a brother prior to shaving whom told me it was allowed my mistake was in not finding evidence.

  2. In the Shaafi’i school of fiqh shaving the beard is not haram but makruh. This opinion is reported by Imam An Nawawi and others.

    Of course other scholars disagree but the fact of the matter is that ‘perhaps’ that clean shaven man is actually a better Muslim than that somebody who looks down on other people and sneers at them.

    As a wise man once said: “The beard is in Islam, Islam is not in the beard”

    And yes the beard is from the sunnah, it is from the man’s fitra and all the other praiseworthy aspects that are pleasing to Allah.

    Also you may see somebody at a particular stage in their life which doesn’t mean that they will always remain like that. That clean shaven man may decide the following week to grow a beard that Charles Darwin would be proud of.

  3. @ Zag: I don’t assume. Three of my (female)cousins who got married wear the burka because their husbands said so. My (male) cousin got married recently and now he wants his wife to wear the burka. (although he doesn’t have the guts to tell her!)

    @Mr. Lakhani: I have never seen a bearded man with a girl in a skirt. I just asked that to be imagined.

    @ Ahsan: The least you could have done is told me why you think so instead of posting a pathetic comment.

  4. Att: Yush, one of my brothers (aged 55) is clean-shaven and is mostly dressed in western attire. But his wife (who became very religious five years ago) wears a burkha with only a slit in it for the eyes to see. They are very happy with each other, and no one is bothered that he is clean-shaven while his wife is fully covered. So why should you be disturbed if you see such a couple?

  5. Let me get this straight. You see burqa clad women with clean shaven men in malls and streets and assume that they’ve been forced to wear the burqa????


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