Clashes force families to migrate from Matani and Adezai

The fear of becoming part of collateral damage now forces residents to migrate from such areas where frequent clashes take place amongst militants and security forces. Due to the continued series of clashes in Matani and Adezai, the residents are forced to migrate to safer places. On the other hand, the blockade of Indus Highway by forces is further creating distress and problems for these families while moving. A villager said, “Several families have migrated to the houses of the relatives in other safer places as they fear more clashes between security forces and miscreant will take place.” Many people of the area also fear cleanup operations launched by the security forces as done earlier in Bara and Hangu to cleanse certain rings operating in Matani since several previous months.

A villager Ahasanullah told, “A projectile landed at the house of Shams, while another stroked the home of Niamatullah. The wife of Shams, his 14 years old daughter and two other members of the family died in the attack, while three others were taken to the hospital in critical condition.” Exchange of fire among law enforcement agencies and miscreants has caused lives of four innocent villagers. It is reported that during the exchange of heavy fire between security agencies and miscreants, two women were killed and six were wounded after a mortar shell fell on a house in Adezai.

These increasing incidents are clear indications that whether it is an operation taking place in an area or a terrorist attack, the residents of these areas fear that they might become part of collateral damage. Unfortunately, it has become apparent that the citizen of Pakistan today fear there lives not just outside their home but inside too.

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