Clash Between Police and IDPs in Swabi

Waiting in the scorching sun for hours in a queue for one’s turn itself can force a person to reach the limit of his patience. To top it off, the person observes the futility of his patience when some latecomer takes his turn with the backing of the ‘authorities’. This would naturally lead to rage due to the unfair treatment.

Such was the result of the clash between the police officials and IDPs at the food distribution point, Yar Hussain World Food Programme, Swabi.

When some of the IDPs were allowed to have an out of turn entry into the food distribution point to obtain food products, the majority of the IDPs, who had come early in the morning to receive their share, turned violent. It was learned that the unjust entrants had bribed some of the officers in order to have an early entry.

The situation reached its climax when the police started aerial firing to disperse the IDPs to avoid any further unpleasant event.

The IDPs were very upset by the behavior of the police who are supposed to be creating law and order in the place.

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