Claptrap Cackle

Amar Jaleel’s articles are always refreshing. The not-too-excited and placid story telling technique is definitely better than the urbanized, corporatized pent-up jargon used me most people whose work I have read. Sartre’s short stories are turning out to be an interesting read. The back-cover speaks interesting language, ‘leaves lady chatterley’s lover asleep at the post’. Ha! I heard the phone bell ringing but that is just the television. My friend JonArno calls the TeleVision, Medusa. Actually he wrote a poem about that. A friend again asked me if poverty can ever be eliminated and i seriously don’t have as many answers as questions. That’s exactly why I am a teacher. Are teacher’s supposed to be under-paid? I seriously do not understand this phenomenon. People who are specialists in their subjects are treated like crap if they teach at a public institution. They are not powerful enough to bring about changes. They are surrounded by the higher-ups’ sycophants even if they want to do something about it- you know, make the sentiment a bit more popular and widespread or something. There isn’t much of a choice but to wait till you get in that power-position and can inflict the same on those below you. This is how it works. Revenge is exacted from a third party that has the least to do with the issue. Whining, whining and whining. It’s fun doing that sometimes but one should always whine without appearing miserable, and with some grace. Grace is important. You know, self-regard, self-righteousness; the fundamentals upon which all power has so far been exercised. Nothing bad in it really, as long as you appear to be doing it for the greater good. What did Bentham say? Who was it, Bentham, or Smith, or Mill? I cannot recall. Something about the greatest good of the greatest number?

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