CJP, Lawyers, GEO, etc : But What I want

I am utterly confused and frustrated upon whatever happening in the country. Ok perhaps government has done some mishandling in some issues like ex chief justice Mr. Iftikhar Chowdhary or in the issue where an office of GEO television in Islamabad was stormed by Punjab police, but honestly speaking I am so frustrated by the daily road blocks, traffic jams and other anarchy.

If you watch private channels like GEO, ARY-Digital, Aaj or Apna or some other, it seems that all hell has broke loose and country is on the verge of disaster and doomsday is just around the corner. If you just shut the TV off and roam the streets and go places, people are just wondering about how to reach their office tomorrow morning, because there might be a road block or something like that.

A friend of mine working in Islamabad got entangled in such a procession and when police fired tear gas and applied batons, he too received them though he had nothing to do with it. There are many a stories like those. Ok if lawyers don’t like what’s happening, they should protest, its their right but not on the cost of disturbing and hurting others. Opposition parties have also got an exquisite opportunity to cash in on this to humiliate government. Funny to watch these pictures on TV. For record, I am neutral. I am not on the side of government or opposition or ex-chief justice. I am on the side of justice.

For now, all I want is peace and if anybody wants to protest, he shouldn’t make supreme court the political ground and must go off the streets. Pleaseeeeeeee.

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