Circumstances These Days…

Wow we are so lucky to be Pakistanis’. There are more vacations here than the working days I guess. Look… I had a day off on 21st March due to the strike around the country and then again there is another one on the 26th March.

It seems that the situation is getting out of control of the Government or the Government itself has allowed freedom to do all that. But what concern we have in all that? What have we to do with all that? Why are we being used to pave ways to the politics?

God help us! According to my predictions, the circumstances are not going to end well. After there have been trial for the Chief Justice, If he is right then nation would against The President and If the things are not like that, again protests against the trails would be carried on. Strikes and protests…Have Pakistan ever settled happily with some President or there has always been like that? I think, since opposition is never content and that can’t be, there is always situation like this and worse in all eras.

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