Choose Your Profession According to Your Blood Group

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Every profession requires hard work in itself. But sometimes, working with keen concentration and hard work isn’t enough and doesn’t give us much success in our chosen field. If you don’t want to face the same problem, then, this article is for you!

Match your profession according to your blood group and get the results you always wanted. Choosing your profession according to your blood group is a helpful research that enables a person to select the right profession for him or her. This is because there are particular professions related to each blood group.

Blood Group AB

If you belong to the AB blood group, then choosing ‘accounting’ is not a good choice! Instead, you should divert your attention towards fields such as ‘social welfare’ and ‘teaching’. Group AB is the group of those people who can perform the job of a ‘translator’ with excellence. They can also prove to be very good ‘lawyers.’

So, if your boss belongs to the same blood group, never try and betray him, because he will always praise your qualifications! They have a quality of making intelligent people work with them. Apart from that, they also give importance to the suggestions and ideas, which their associates give them. The success of this group depends heavily upon the type of company they keep.

Blood Group O

The person belonging to this group always wants to be on the top and as a result, he is successful in life. People are usually impressed by their excellent performance. The people belonging to this group always want to earn success and respect in society. These people have one desire, which is of keeping a good standard in the society, and consequently being praised by others.

Blood Group B

People belonging to group B are more homely. These people usually are good cooks, detectives, golf players or secretaries, but they cannot become cashiers, doctors, clerks or diplomats. They are very different from the people belonging to group ‘A’. The common fact between the people belonging to Group ‘A’ and Group ‘B’ is that both of them live by doing jobs, and they live to do their jobs. They like to work individually. Therefore, they should choose a profession in which they are not surrounded by a lot of people.

Blood Group A

If you want to see the efficiency of group ‘A’ then take a good look at libraries and computer departments. People belonging to Group A would automatically come in front of you. They are hard working people, but are not suitable for ‘sports’, ‘political issues’ and ‘film making’. The reason for this is that they keep a keen eye on everything. On the other hand they can be good ‘poets’ and ‘writers’. They are very intelligent and should choose the field of ‘computers’. Just like people belonging to Group ‘O’ want to be on top of everything, people belonging to Group ‘A’ have a strong willpower to achieve whatever they want in life.


Group O

Suitable profession: Accounting, banking, politics, and business.

Unsuitable profession: Writer, artist, travel agent, tailors.

Group A

Suitable profession: Librarian, poet, writer, actor, performer and computer engineer.
Unsuitable profession: Sports, film directing, public relations, and speeches.

Group B

Suitable profession: Cook, detective, secretary, golf player.
Unsuitable profession: Cashier, diplomat, clerk, doctor.

Group AB

Suitable Profession : Artist, teacher, salesman, and lawyer.
Unsuitable profession: Police, pilot, soldier, and accountant

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  1. Its good to see the author has stated in start that the source of this article cannot be accounted for. so will leave him out of the discussion here.
    I must say i was amazed by reading the comments for this article. interesting no doubt but is it to be taken as authentic, i’d doubt that. reference to any scientific study whatsoever has not been made. if you have the nerves to go into geek mode for a while, pick out an A’levels bio book and see for yourself how blood groups work. my whole family is O+. my father is a doctor, my uncle is a manager, my mom is a teacher. you can find lots of examples if you look around and you’ll definitely come to the conclusion by your very wit that blood groups and success in professions are NOT correlated. connecting these two is like linking an astrology column in a newspaper to your future(there is no limit to human ignorence though, i know people who believe even that).
    nothing personal.. i just want my fellow countrymen to wakeup. the article in itself was fascinating though, but so are romantic novels.

  2. My blood group is O and I born in December 17 and I am sagitarian. on the profession side unsuitable profession for me are metnioned one of these is travel agent. But a sagitarian is successful in travel business. which one is trustful?
    Thank you.

  3. In my case it is 50,50 becoz my blood gp is A and i dont like 2 use computer alot at a same time i am not able 2 communicate with the people so easily yes i hav a knowledge abt films but at the same time i havnt any superiorty complex infact i like 2 be a normal person.I lov the teaching profession.


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