Choice is Your’s Mr. President

There is no doubt that the handling of Pakistan’s political problem is botched by all means and there is no question about the fact that the time is ripe for change. The change is not only required in the faces but also in the system.

Chief of Army Staff General Kiyani has given some brilliant statements, and he must be knowing that how good nation feels about his intentions to separate the role of army from the civilian life. But only time will tell that what would be the actions. But right now there is a grave responsibility upon the shoulders of Pakistan voters, who are going to poll their votes just after 4 days.

Upbraiding the respected judiciary of the country is hitting the wrong target and has cost President Musharraf a lot, and has done an irreparable loss to the image of country. But all is not lost. General Musharraf could just leave it to the populace’s will and everything will be alright. He must understand that he is not inevitable, and Pakistani people can take care of themselves.

It is clear that the PML-Q and its toadies are simply incapable of handling the national and international issues, and if establishment tries again to reinstate these lotas on the throne, than the backlash would be immense, and out of control of anybody. So the prudence calls it to have a free and fair elections in the country.

2 thoughts on “Choice is Your’s Mr. President”

  1. As long as the West supports him, he’s going to stick to his post. Even if there is a two thirds majority against him, he’ll use Article 58(b) to dissolve the assemblies. This man will go on making life miserable for us until the White House tells him to go.


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