Choice between home and career?

In 1980, Terry Hekker authored a book Ever Since Adam and Eve,” in which she advised women to opt home life over career — making good meals, keeping a clean house and bringing up fine children.” After about 25 years, Terry Hekker says, “She was wrong.”

Hekker’s still believes that those things are worthwhile, but she is under no illusions about marriage being forever. Today, she says, women have to look out for themselves as well – to prepare for being abandoned (read have a career).

Hekker (about her follow-up book) writes, “My anachronistic book was written while I was in a successful marriage that I expected would go on forever. Sadly, it now has little relevance for modern women, except perhaps as a cautionary tale,” Hekker wrote sometime back as she announced her U-turn. Once a role model for young homemakers, Hekker is now rapidly becoming an icon for so-called ‘silver divorcees’, older women who suddenly find themselves alone.

Like The Opt-Out Revolution by Lisa Belkin, assertions in this book are going to create a great debate; attention, criticisim both my men as well as women.

The question here is what is the perfect choice between home and career? Why women face the specter of future abandonment? Don’t men need women till end?

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