Children’s Exposure To World News: Should There Be A Parental Lock Or Not

Should the children know what the elders are doing when in the past our elders use to hide things from kids so they remain innocent. Yes children should know what elders are doing for children. But the wrong and devastated news should the children be told. Should the children be exposed to such material which are destructive and feed hatred for each other. Like Israel Palestine war or should they been exposed to things which might in future bring both such enemies closer in the times ahead and make them friends like our Prophet (peace be upon him) how he made his enemies his followers and his friends forever. Like all TV channels now come with parental guidance then how can children be exposed to all such news of the world. Yes all productive and friendly material should be exposed to children so we generate friends instead of enemies, even towards our enemies like our Pprophet (peace be upon him). Few material exposure does incriminate children’s mind which is very sensitive and adoptive to everything around their environment. Those are the things said about the Al-Qaeda madrasas which promotes hatred when our Prophet (peace be upon him) teaches love to even to thy enemy. That’s how he promoted and spread Islam. What should we build, destructive news to our children’s mind or should try to change the pattern and bring love to their minds even for their enemy like the Prophet (peace be upon him).

When everyday it is said and told that Islam is a peaceful religion then why the hues and cries and most of the people at war are of Islam why cannot we show peace of the religion when we show everything else of the religion like fasting, prayers, etc. When all religions have prayers and fasting whether you are a Buddhist a Christian all religions teach these personal rituals. Now when we expose religion rituals to our children then we should expose also the behavioral encounter of a human being and not an animal, which nearly most of the Muslims are going through being rigid and harsh towards their enemies when defending yourself is true but becoming an animal in that defense no matter if your enemy is so is wrong. That is what the founders of Islam did behavior even if your enemy is like an animal how should you behave in front to keep your stead fast Islam law within yourself and your society. Like the Incident of Karbala. No doubt the enemy became vigorous and animal like when the gazwas of Mohammed (peace be upon him) taught respect protection and care to women and children after the war was over that is also the main reason that Yazid bin Marwan when believed by the Sunni Sect was a Muslim lost its integrity first being cruel to Prophets (peace be upon him) grandson think if its your grandson how you are to him then he was prophet‘s grandson then being cruel to women and children like Gaza and Kashmir that’s the whole hue and cry of the Muslims and rigid enemies like Al-Qaeda the only reason they don‘t get that same rutba is the behavior with thy enemy should be put down our sword in attack they did picked up their swords in the name of Islam but that was defend not attack when enemies from Kaaba use to attack their sword use to defend and win the wars, that’s being taught in basic Islamiat of grade 3 and 4, when we no longer do that. When we no longer do that but want to do as our enemy is doing should our children be exposed to such material. Or should they be exposed to what we learnt as kids the teachings in Islamiat as the behavior of Prophet (peace be upon him) with the enemies children and his wives to yield better citizens of tomorrow.

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