Child Trafficking Scandal Exposed

Noshad who jumped from TrainHuman trafficking is the transfer and detention of people against their will for the purpose of economic or sexual exploitation. Victims are coerced by threats or lured by false promises into situations from which they are not free to escape. The United Nations International Labor Organization estimates that there are currently 12.3 million adults and children subjected to involuntary servitude. And the numbers are growing.

A child Noshad, son of Niaz, a resident of Chhamb Morr in district Lodhran, jumped from a goods train at Kalanch Wala near Samma Satta, disclosed that there were as many as 30 children chained in that train and were being transported illegally to separate areas lie in between Punjab and Sindh provinces. Later, the police commenced checking at Rahimyar Khan Railway station and cleared two freight trains Z.B.T from Karachi and Bin Qasim in Rahimyar Khan but failed to trace clues about the child-trafficking.

Police also arrested a person Ramzan from Chamb Kalian area on the indication of freed child Noshad and was shifted to unknown place for investigation, police sources reveal.

Noshad identifies Ramzan as the person who had abducted him and handed over him to Pathans. He told that their parents sent them to fetch brick mold when three persons, apparently belonging to the NWFP, made them unconscious meanwhile, sources said they were being kidnapped for beggary.

General Manager Railways said police have commenced checking at different railway stations while this attempt of children’s abduction seems to be an inside job of railway employees, while he has termed the statement of Noshad as fake and self-made false story.

He said the six different trains, traveling through Samasatta track have been checked, thoroughly searched and given clearance by district police but no evidence favoring the incident could be found.

It is hard to believe that nine-year-old boy jumped safely from seven feet high container and did not receive injuries but we still we are looking into the complain, GM added.

The Punjab IG said a gang might be involved in trafficking of children to Karachi. He said smuggling of children through train was not possible without active connivance of the railway officials.

The children might have been shifted to some vehicle after stopping the goods train somewhere on the route to Karachi. Police sources said these children were apparently being smuggled to Karachi to make them beggars or use them for prostitution. whatever the reason for the incident the matter should e looked upon carefully to avoid such cases in future.

Image Source: The News

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  1. In the early eighties children were being kidnapped from Karachi and taken to work as slave labour in Brick Kiln factories and Beggar camps. A story of a boy, who escaped, was printed in one of the “super large” pakistani magazines, either The Herald or The Daily Mag. Soon after a TV series ran along the same theme, Mangoo. If someone can get hold of that issue and print it on-line, it’ll be a great eye opener and service to humanity.


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