Chew the Cud

The broken promises and bewilderment of the political ruling elite is getting country nowhere and now the tongue has grown verily tired of repeating the same tirade again and again. Same promises, same dreams, same faces and the same deceptions with same lies with same shamelessness.

The world is crumbling under the financial crisis and people throughout the globe are trembling, yet there is no tension in our country for the ruling elite, whose assets are as safe as anything. They are least bit concerned about the security situation engulfing the country, and they are not in hurry to solve the problems.

They have kept everything on auto. They automatically make promises and then they automatically break them. They automatically do nothing, and then they automatically make speeches whimsically. They automatically announce new plans and then they automatically rollback them. They automatically condemn suicide attack and forget the next moment.

Comprehensive and administrative strategy regarding war against terror, economic reforms and the social revamp is needed. I have chewed it again.

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