Chemistry Class Cliche

Generations come and go; time flies and yet, one thing remains immobile: the monotony of chemistry. During class, I have to force my eyes to stop looking at the clock but they just keep roving about. One day, I decide that it’s enough! If I want to stop flunking day in and day out, my eyes will have to be tamed. No more looking at the clock. I and Mahnoor (my best friend) vowed: ‘So we’ll go no more a’Roving’. Alas, it was as if we had boarded mission impossible. There was no helping it. Ultimately, we would find ourselves gazing longingly at the clock, awaiting the bounteous sound of the bell-that is otherwise shrilly-that would free us from the cell that is our chemistry lab!

Chemistry is drab! All those empirical formulas and chemical properties. I know some people have issues with history but chemistry has no parallel in it’s boring-ness. At least history is about people. Even if they are dead.

The bottom line is that I am a student and nothing, I repeat, nothing can make me love chemistry. And I am sure that all my fellow pupils share this view.

P.s: Even writing on a topic relevant to chemistry is making me bored which is why I made it short=)

3 thoughts on “Chemistry Class Cliche”

  1. If math and chemistry do not come easily, as they didn’t at first to me, you have to apply yourself to memorize the numbers and valences. It helps to “cheat” a little at first, and try to balance a few equations by referring to the charts. Once you have successfully balanced an equation, you can start to get some real satisfaction out of doing them. Practice, practice, practice. Once you’ve got the hang of it, it’s fun.

    I couldn’t name the five diatomic gases to save me, now. Lemme see–oxygen, chlorine, um, oxygen, uh….

  2. Chemistry is an interesting subject whether theory or practical and I just love it both as a teacher and student………….Thanks to my teachers.

    I agree cent percent with Shakir Sir that If the teacher knows the subject and can teach it well, even those with average IQs can understand chemistry.

  3. Ultimately, whoever is good in mathematics will have no problem with physics and chemistry. But most females are not good in maths (although there were two sisters way back in the sixties who were geniuses). If the teacher knows the subject and can teach it well, even those with average IQs can understand chemistry.


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