Chasing Militants in FATA

Alongside with the Pakistani security forces, now as the Pakistan People’s Party takes control of the helm of the affairs and Zardari shares his “visions” with the Afghan president Hamid Karzai, Americans have also become hyperactive and aggressive to mount land and aerial attacks on the militants across the border and their activities have taken a new high turn and they are now firing missiles, without any discrimination.

United States is now acting at the blind guesses and targeting the houses and the joints of the Taliban leaders in the FATA area, where only ladies and children stay, while almost all the male members of the family stay in Afghanistan. The recent air strikes carried out by the CIA-operated drone on the house of veteran Afghan Taliban commander, Maulvi Jalaluddin Haqqani at Danday Darpakhel village near Miramshah. In these deadly and gruesome attacks, many people succumbed to injuries.

United States has made it a norm and habit to attack the Pakistan area and drones are flying routinely over the FATA area and they violated Pakistan’s airspace and flew over several villages of North Waziristan Agency. It’s very much even funny to expect our new president to do something in that regard.

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  1. Answers to these question are presented by each country according to their political and strategic gains. The evolution of this theory/reality is ofcourse for a reason and vested interests. Osma has never been tried to caught by Bush and this news appeared in all important dailies of the world a few days back. Why? with the most sophisticated technology in the world that can scan even the sub strata natural resources of the world by SAT CAMs cant find one guy who moves with 300 armed men sworn to die for his protection?
    If Osama is a muslim he should be tried by muslims since he has orchestrated such a genocide of muslims by millions. it is just shameful.

    The only people losing and paying heavily for this war are muslims. It is such an outrageous ONE SIDED GAIN adventure that one just cant help thinking if it truelly to rid the world of terrorism or motives are different.
    The other question is…. why to kill more than 2 million people invate 3 countries (somalia being 3rd) and paly a havoc on earth when the circumstances could have been controlled by much less show and pomp??? all tha for 3000 people killed in 9/11?? or all that to arrest a culprit (Osama is not a criminal yet as nothing has been proved see FBI site)??? is this fair?? The Iraq story fell to pieces since was a BIG LIE and powell resigned even after that attack 9ON THE GROUNDS THAT PROVED TO BE LIES) was justified??? and Afghanistan carpet boming killing innocent people to CATCH ONE ABSCONDER?? Please tell me if I am wrong and all this is not true… I would like to feel the world is a better place.

    @ Saint
    Not all bearded men in Afghanistan pretending to be taliban are muslims:)

    I wish it was that simple…. to call a spade a spade “how the stakeholders like it”..:)

    @ Kumar
    I dont think India is secular where there are Gujrat riots killing thousands of Muslims in the most shameful manner ..burning children raping women and chopping them to pieces… recently the christians killings… what are you talikng about the MYTH of indian secularism can be bought be the WEST not us.

    Thank you!

  2. Its not difficult to find answers for your questions.Being moderate and being away from fundamentalism & extremism will help building a country.

  3. Hi Guys,

    for long i am trying to find a place where i can ask some questions, may be my questions are very similar to your thoughts and may be you will find some new directions for thinking about what is happening in Pakistan (FATA etc)

    Our nation is facing big crisis by this war, each day many got killed in cross firing between Army and so called Talibans.

    i want to know why all this is happening
    Who is osama, what is alqaida, if these things exists what is the aim of them, why people of FATA are trying to prove that they are better muslims, why our army is killing all those people who are already proven idiots and brain washed by our enemies?

    if some person named osama, or some thing named alqaida exists then why they are watching all this from some far places?

    if they are muslim then why they are not telling the truth about there residence?

    Islam is very soft religion, why these idiots are making us fools?

    If osama is right he should be following the right path as Hazrat Amam Hussain did for the sake of truth?

    no revolution is coming from these people, but they are wasting time, our country’s resources, respect and destroying our nation.

    i am not an extremist but i want to know all the things, i want all the people to think about it rather then promoting army or these people fighting in tribal areas of our country.

    Army is fighting to get what?
    Tribles are getting emonations from whome?

    no body is thinking about the facts and figures which are developing in this situation.

    no body is thinking about those who are taking benefits from this situation

    on the other hand if Taliban are muslim people, i never saw any one in clean manners, i see them on TV all dirty and looking like some one from a jungle holding very horrible guns for fighting.

    2nd thing if they are muslim then why they are killing Muslim Pakistani Citizens?

    i never heared about any taliban doing good, islam teach us to protect others Life, Maal and home etc, these muslim talibans are destroying houses of other muslims, shops and children every day. it doesnt matter if someone is beared or not, praying or not, if he is human islam doesnt allow any one to kill for no reason.

    i feel ashamed all the time on these things.

    Ohh Allah give us some wisdom. some wise people among our nation to brain wash those who are on wrong path.


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