Charsadda Suicidal Attack

Just when we were thinking that now Baitullah Mehsud as pulled hands off the suicide bombing trigger, and now elections would be held in relative peace, and we would perhaps a political setup to deal with the current crisis of terrorism, which is rocking our boat, the suicide attack in Charsadda district of NWFP has bombed our false hopes.

When, in Nakkai, ShabQaddar, Charsadda, a suicide bomber struck people were present in the confines of a Hujra of ANP listening to the provincial assembly candidate, and the 25 people who died as a result of this hellish terrorist attack also include two innocent children. The terrorist, who did the blast must burning in hellfire now, and somehow this message must be conveyed to to-be suicide bombers getting their training in Afghanistan and India.

If you look at the string of suicide attack, they have a specific pattern. They are occurring in disparate parts of country from Rawalpindi to Charsadda to Karachi to Lahore to Kohat to Peshawar to everywhere. The need is to root out the origin.

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