Change must be Implemented

After 18th February, there was a mirth in the atmosphere and after giving their verdict the people of Pakistan started counting days expecting their newly elected leaders to do some thing revolutionary and drastic for the country.

But these newly elected people are acting like idiots. Especially the members and leaders of Pakistan People’s Party are just screwing the mandate, and all the pointers are indicating that PPP is being hijacked by the President Camp and the things are going in a very ominous direction.

Nothing is changed so far. Price hike is still there. Load shedding is still there. Terrorism is still there. There is same foreign and domestic policy. Judges are still deposed. Media is still wary. And everything else is as same as before.

These are the questions which are rising and people are becoming restive. Asif Ali Zardari must realize his fragile position now before it’s too late.

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