Change But Chaos

For the new government to work, which just now comprises of Pakistan People’s Party and the acolytes like Awami National Party in NWFP and MQM in Karachi, the scale of acts must be kept small or otherwise things would burst at the seams sooner than latter and that would be extremely detrimental for the just gained democracy.

Pakistan and its well wishers have seen such bursting at the seams and now this is last chance that this government has got and this is the last chance that they have gotten so much support from the civilian and the military establishment and this is by all means the last time that they have gotten the support of the masses.

Just due to the prevailing conditions in the country the creators of bold experiment stressed the local over the grand, leaving the majority of power to the individual and severely restricting the role of the government. To the degree that the state itself was tolerable, its power was severely curtailed, with the individual states of these local governments reluctantly ceding the bare minimum of decision-making power necessary for the maintenance of public order.

But now the chaos is imminent. No change is coming forth.

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