Chairman PCB Ijaz Butt: a psychiatric case?

Ijaz Butt - Chairman PCB Almost every Pakistani in a position of power wants to get super rich within a few months. I have interacted with Pakistani civil servants and cannot remember even one who was honest. Yet Ijaz Butt, the present chairman of Pakistan Cricket Board seems to have been afflicted by a rare disease: honesty.

According to a statement released to the media on September 8, the PCB Chairman is not availing many facilities which he’s entitled to, under the rules.

According to the statement although all the chairman of the board is entitled to fully furnished accommodation or Rs 100,000 per month, Butt has never availed of either the fully furnished accommodation or payment from the board.

Any chairman of PCB is entitled to a 3500cc fully maintained car with driver. Butt does not avail this facility and uses his own transport and driver even for PCB duties,” the statement said.

A Chairman of PCB is entitled for reimbursement of residential utility bills for electricity, water and gas or Rs 40,000 per month in lieu thereof. Butt does not claim anything from PCB towards utility bills,” the statement added.

The statement said Butt had not even availed the facility of keeping four full time domestic servants including security guards nor has lodged any claim for reimbursement of medical expenses for self or spouse – a facility which any chairman of PCB is entitled to.

The statement said that Butt had also not claimed any Daily Allowance for domestic visits, which is Rs 5000 per day, nor claimed any business entertainment.

“The only perks that Butt avails from PCB are his mobile phone which he uses for PCB business, his international air travel, hotel accommodation and daily allowance for international visits only when on PCB official business,” the statement said.
It seems that Mr. Ijaz Butt is losing at least Rs. 250,000 to Rs. 300,000 per month by not availing the perks he’s entitled to.

The question is, why is this un-Pakistani behaviour being tolerated? The only thing every Pakistani in a position of power wants is to loot the exchequer and ultimately buy a flat in London, if not more. I suggest that Mr. Ijaz Butt should be examined by competent psychiatrists to determine whether he’s mentally fit. If he’s really as honest as the news item suggests, there’s no
telling what will happen if more people are infected by this disease called “honesty”.

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  2. Pakistani channels are available to my knowledge, possibly in some areas the cable operators have not tuned to those…this purely depends on demand level from their subscribers. I mentioned that I have not seen those because I actually don’t watch much TV anyway….including indian channels my special disgust is for Hindi and english indian news channels. They are like hyenas + pigs + ______________ combined.

  3. I believe that both governments should allow each others’ newspapers and films to be seen by their nationals. When I have nothing else to do, I watch the popular Indian TV channel Star Plus, and it really amazes me to see how much the two nations have in common. However, although Pakistanis can access Indian TV channels, Indians are not allowed to watch Pakistani channels. This is something I do not understand.


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