ChaApa Culture

As I got out of examination room, I saw one of my class fellow standing near me. Out of courtesy I asked;

“How was your paper?”

“If it wasn’t for *Amna I would have definitely flunked. She is so great yaar, she let me copy her whole paper.”

“So you cheated in exam?” disappointed, I asked him.

“Yeah, so whats wrong with that? Everybody cheats”, he replied casually.

Few weeks after this episode, I woke up in the middle of night and saw my little sister talking animatedly on phone even though it was her board exam the next day.

“Why the heck are you talking on the phone in the middle of the night when you’re suppose to rest ?” I asked.

“Paper is out, my friend is telling me all the questions”, she excitedly told me.

“Its bad, its another form of cheating. Besides how did you know the news is authentic?”

“My class teacher told one student and told her to spread the news”, her reply was a shock to me.

My sister happens to be a student of high profile decent school famous for its strictness so the idea of a teacher telling the questions of paper before the exam was something shocking. If this is the condition of a prestigious school, I seriously wonder about what exactly happening in governmental schools. Initially I thought it was just one teacher but later I came to know that whole school was involved. But what was more amazing that according to my sister, all the question papers were available on orkut community. In her center many teachers actually helped the students in cheating. Pretty!!!

Almost 90 percent of students in my university think its ok to cheat. Moreover, its just not about my university, lately this chaapa culture is taking a deep root in our society. No more it is considered bad! I asked one of my class fellow why he cheat and he replied;

“I don’t want to flunk and waste my time repeating the same thing and its an easier way to achieve good grades”.

Its ok to cheat now, I’m sure one day soon it will be ok to kill anyone as well. Elders often complain that this young generation don’t work hard enough , why should they when there is an easy way out provided by our very own teachers and if they still don’t get good enough marks than these same elders use their influence to get them good grades. I’m not saying all this based on stories I’ve heard or read about in papers, I’ve seen it happening way too often. One class fellow of mine flunked in one paper, since her father was one hell of a big-shot man so he called the board of directors and results were taken back, few amendments were made and she passed!

The best thing is, every one is afraid to raise this issue, even those precious few who knows that this is wrong. Even I am because I changed the name of girl who helped the guy in cheating and didn’t mention the name of high profile father of my class fellow or the name of school.

Why bother?!

Hail to chaapa culture!

2 thoughts on “ChaApa Culture”

  1. Dear Lubna
    You have highlighted an issue which is root cause of our national downfall. the only thing I would like to add that all that stuff called injustice and corruption are form of cheating. Unfortunately we, our leaders, our teachers, our judges, our police, our shopkeepers, our bureaucrats, and less I say we ALL are cheats.
    Question is WHO WILL BELL THE CAT.

  2. yea cheating is wrong…but its hard to stick to that belief when people who cheat end up passing and if u don’t u end up failing…it is wrong but sometimes unfortunately has to be done.


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