Certain Uncertainty

One thing which is available in ample quantity and absolutely for free in Pakistan is “uncertainty.” Tentacles of incertitude are in control if the minds of Pakistanis in all the provinces and elsewhere.

1.6 billion Citizens of this country do not know, what’s in the store for them. They don’t know what the sun of tomorrow will bring for them. They don’t know about the elections or the political process or anything about the future of democracy. They don’t know that if elections happen, will they be fair, transparent and free? They are fairly unsure about the role of agencies in the upcoming elections. They are now very much unsure of the freedom of judiciary, and they are in doubt about the pending decisions in the important matters like presidential election, return of Nawaz Sharif, National Reconciliation Ordinance (NRO) etc.

Pakistani public is numb and bleary-eyed. From 2002 to 2007, 68 major terrorist attacks have taken their toll. Populace of Islamic Republic of Pakistan is in quandary as whether all the political figures will return to the country? Will Musharraf remain in power forever? Who will be the next prime minister? What would be the exact role of Army in the country? Will ever the price hike come down?

They are hapless, and are uncertain about the prices of wheat, flour, ghee, oil, bread, petrol, clothes, dresses, house rents and they are uncertain about the public transport and they are uncertain about their culture, and they are uncertain about their role in war against terrorism. They are uncertain about the role of British, US and West in their affairs. They are uncertain about how much aid they will receive from the other countries next year.

But they are certain about one thing; Pakistan is here to stay and revolution will come.

2 thoughts on “Certain Uncertainty”

  1. You have made the same mistake most Pakistani youngsters make, and we should thank Benazir’s father for this. Without knowing the meaning of million, one of BB’s admirers said on CNN that thirty million people welcomed Benazir in Karachi (although the crowd wasn’t more than a hundred thousand, or a lakh). Apparently you also grew up learning that a billion is ten crores, or 100 million (a billion is actually 100 crores). And that is why you too think that Pakistan’s population is 1.6 billion. I don’t blame you, your teachers are at fault. I thank Allah that there are only 16 crore Pakistanis (0.16 billion, or 160 million). The nationalization of schools and colleges by Z. A. Bhutto resulted in school principals who couldn’t sign their own names and caused such deterioration in educational standards that for all practical purposes most Pakistanis are uneducated.


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