Causes of Anger

No matter to which gender and age group we belong, we all get angry for one reason or another, however our response in anger is different and depends upon our nature. A survey has been conducted on 100 men, 100 women and 100 children to find the causes of their anger. The results are as follows:

Causes of Anger in Men:

– Reckless driving of other drivers
– Unnecessary criticism
– Unemployment
– Office politics
– Electricity, gas and telephone bills
– Inflation
– Unhealthy relationship with spouse
– Being ignored by others
– Going to in-laws
– Unnecessary expenses by their spouse

Causes of Anger in Women:

– Getting ignored by husband
– Inability to manage the expenses within budget
– Good financial position of their neighbors and friends
– Unexpected arrival of guests
– Refusal by husband, on the request of visiting her relatives
– Mess created by children while playing indoor
– Extra marital affairs of husband
– Physical fitness and beauty of their friend
– Un-obedience by children

Causes of Anger in Children:

– Getting over load with home work
– Insufficient time for playing
– Inability to take position in exams
– Being scolded by parents
– Being ignored by parents
– Parents quarreling in the front of their children
– Not getting a chance to spend their vacations out of town
– Biased attitude of parents among children
– Attitude of elder brothers and sisters
– Unnecessary criticism of parents
– Negative remarks of parents while comparing them with their cousins and friends

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