“The rule of divine love has never been ubiquitous, because love does not manipulate.”

Hazrat Bayazid Bastami was exiled seven times. Hazrat Zulnoon was imprisoned and sent to Baghdad from Egypt. Hazrat Sam’on was blamed for adultery and ordered to be decapitated. Hazrat Abu Saeed Khzrar was declared unbeliever. Hazrat Sohail bin Abdullah was declared non-believer and displaced to Basra. Hazrat Mansoor Hillaj was declared disbeliever, was awarded thousand whips; his hands and feet were cut; he was crucified, and scorched to death.

Hazrat Junaid Baghdadi was decreed as unbeliever. Hazrat Imam Ghazali was declared non-believer and fire was shown to his book entitled Ahya-e-Uloom. Hazrat Imam Abul Qasim bin Qsmi, Hazrat Ibne Marjan, and Hazrat Khumi were slaughtered. Hazrat Ibrahim Teemi died in cell and his corpse was thrown out on heap of trash. Hazrat Imam Abu Bakar was declared unbeliever, imprisoned, and sent to Egypt and his skin was flayed. Hazrat Abdula bin Zubair was assassinated and his remains were hung on the door of Ka’aba. Hazrat Aasia wife of Pharaoh believed in Hazrat Moses (A.S.) hence was backed in boiling oil. Hazrat Umar bin Abdul Aziz was poisoned. Hazrat Imam Bukhari died in exile. Hazrat Abdullah bin Umar bin Abdul Aziz was put to death.

“Every one — Mansoor, Sarmad or Shams ul Haq Tabrezi, (those mentioned above and many more) – all had sacrificed their lives to get near You.”

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