Cause of Democracy

Lack of the continuation of democratic process in Pakistan largely account for some of our previous and current troubles. The same reason could be very well continue our misery in the future. For in recent times, despite the immense growth of industry, education, research and practice in all nations except few handful, the approach towards democracy has received too little attention in the assemblies, markets, universities and streets of Pakistan and too little aid either from populace or from government quarters.

The so-called democratic governments which Pakistan saw briefly between long and dark dictatorships were sham and mutilated at first, and secondly even they were too much for the despots. The fact that Pakistanis are also guilty of distributing sweets and throw festivities, every time their elected politicians were thrown out of the power needs serious discussion.

Who is better, a corrupt politician or a corrupt dictator? After all these years we are still unable to answer that question. Why in the hell our soil is so infertile for the leaders? Perhaps the answer lies in the rampant ignorance, which is ideal for the predatory feudal system which controls our country from all the sides.

It doesn’t really matter, if you look closely, as who is ruling us. The politicians are related to dictators and dictators have relations in politicians, and they have kins in the industry, and they are ubiquitous in the bureaucracy. Even in the politicians, candidates in the same constituency of same family belong to different parties, so the result basically remains the same no matter who loses or who wins.

Biradari system and the politics of hard cash is also a very strong factor which has never let the democracy flourish in Pakistan. Only education and awareness can end this evil Biradari system, and that would do loads of good for the cause of democracy.

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