Castes among Muslims?

Syed, Sheikh, Mughal, Pathan… and the list goes on. Muslims don’t have untouchables but lets get some facts straight. There are castes among Muslims. There is no point in hiding behind this dark truth. Instead of pointing fingers at Hindus, it’s time to look in our own ‘girebaan’.

There is this so called ‘izzat’ that people talk about. If a person is going to marry another of a lower caste, relatives do their best to stop the marriage from taking place, stating that it is the question of their honor. They come up with things like, “what will people say? Your niece/nephew got married to a (your choice of a lower caste).”

Shame on these relatives and shame on people who won’t marry their children to others on the basis of this so called caste. Caste system is nothing but a shameless propaganda by arrogant people who live in a delusional world of ‘izzat’. Truth is, they don’t have any.

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  1. Dear Readers,

    Specially to those i mentioned their name at the end. who give their comments on my written words. first of all i sorry for given my first comments without given any authentic source. Now i giving some source for your must read that source. And if you have further doubt in my given source and comments,in this regard positive criticism will be welcomed.

    All mighty Allah in the holy book QURAN says in
    CHAPTER NO: 26
    SURAH NO: 49
    AYAH (VERSE NO: 12

    Inference (Mafhoom) of ayah in English as under.

    Oh people we give birth to you from one man and one women (Adam and HAWA).And make in you castes and creed, for that you recognize each others. And the more honor is given to that person, who are more religious. And Allah knows each and every thing better.

    Summary of ayah in Urdu as under

    Ay logo ham ny tum sab ko payda kiya ek mard aur ek awrat (adam aur hawa) se (es liye sab ensan barabar hain) aur tum ko mokhtalif qom aur mokhtalif khanadan banya, yeh mahaz esliye taky ek dosray k shanakat kar sako ( jis main bahot si maslihaty hain, es liye nahi k tum tafakhur kar sako) Allah k nizdik tum main se bara shrif waho hain, jo sab se zyada parhayz gar ho( aur pahayzgari aysa cheez hain, jis ka pora hal kisi ko maloom nahi) Allah Tala koob jany wala aur pora khabardar hain(es liye kisi nsab aur qomiyat par pakhar nakro).


    Author: Mohammad Yusha
    Author: Shakir Lakhani
    Author: Hina Safdar
    @ Yusha

  2. It seems as though people neither read the post, nor my comments, in their eagerness to indulge in outrageous accusations. When did I say there are castes in Islam. Did I mention Islam anywhere? Did I not clearly say castes among Muslims?


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