Careless Approach by Nuclear India

Ridiculous finger pointing and blame game has started, when sanity should be the order of the day. Indians are finding refuge in the blame game and they are saying that ISI and Pak Army had trained the militants, who were brought to Mumbai in a boat, while the body of one Amar Singh Tandal was also reportedly found in it, who belonged to Pakistan and had remained in Pakistan jail for one year. Sobhaday in Raj Deep Sir Desai show on CNN/IBN said that we know where their campus were.

According to the Pakistani press, following Pakistan Foreign Minister’s press briefing, one anchorman of CNN India in his comments said that Pakistan was providing cover to the involved militants’ groups. They have even innovated a character. They say that someone Chacha Rahman as mastermind of the attacks and claimed that he was Lashkar-e-Taiyyaba commander from Karachi.

India must act to defuse severe tension that has flared after the militant assault on Mumbai. It is in Pakistan’s interests and in India’s interests to defuse the situation. Lowering of tension is essential for the survival of both countries. Sanity must prevail. But it seems that India wants to show some muscles, that would be detrimental for the region.

The situation is serious. Let us not fool ourselves, it is a serious situation and the way India is showing teeth to Pakistan is very alarming. May be some adventure is just round the corner.

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