Career Love

One of my elder cousin is a teacher and is so passionate about what she does – the very successful teachers are, I reckon. But her school just does not care about the passion or welfare of its staff, never mind the students. In such a case I think it’s difficult for the staff to then keep their passion and love for their work, and I know this has caused many to leave and some to entirely change their field.

One of my best friend, was also a Judo teacher and has recently changed careers. Why? Because his school again didn’t support the staff who had the passion, respect, longing and love for their work, and eventually the strain of this has to go somewhere. Rather than risk losing his love for it altogether, he decided to move into a different creative career. He is now a computer graphic designer.

In my opinion, the above example are of lucky people, who can afford to change careers. These are the people who had the choice and means to pull it off. In the country like ours, it is seldom the case, when one happens to land on his favourite, passionate job. Its very rare too to find a conducive and constructive environment.

I wonder how many of you are working in your favourite job under a conducive enivornment? I would love to hear from you.

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  1. Well Sir I am definitely in a conductive environment but the job is not my favourite. But I am loving it because thanks to you not only I love Oracle but also other fields of computer as well.


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