Capturing Hamzaad

To all those who want to control hamzaad learn to control yourself first.

Trying to capture hamzaad has resulted in death for many people, and mental imbalance for others.

If you are doing the amal for controlling hamzaad don’t expect Katrina Kaif to appear. Hamzaad is not something everyone has the heart to see. Take the scariest thing you have ever seen and multiply it many, many times and you have the form of a hamzaad.

The hamzaad while being captured resists and the amil, having seen the scariest thing he has ever seen loses control over his amal and the hamzaad kills him.

An amil can easily have a heart attack just by taking a glance at the hamzaad. Don’t tell me just because you have happened to see vampire and zombie movies you will be able to see a hamzaad.

Trying to capture hamzaad is like trying to commit suicide. No one in his right mind will give the amal of capturing hamzaad otherwise he will be responsible for other people’s deaths on the day of judgment. He will be held as a murderer and will be thrown in hell. The person who commits suicide by trying to capture hamzaad will also be thrown in hell.

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  1. Dont embarras people. Hamzad is a power created by ALLAH ALMIGHTY. hamzad cannot even damage a hair. Each and every thing is under the sole command of ALLAH. Human being is ashraf ul makhlooqat. Hamzad just a creature and human can control it if do amal. Dont try to resemble hamzad with horor movie. You even dont know about hamzaad abc or spiritualism.

  2. As Salaamu ‘Alaykum,

    My dear brothers, and sisters, in the community of Prophet Muhammad, blessings, and peace of Allaah be upon him.

    I need a guide, to guide me towards capturing my Qareen.

    Is there anybody who can be of assistance to me?

  3. Salam all – I fully agree with Rohilla.

    Plus Hamzad is not any other creation. Hamzad is INSAAN.

    As per Qura’n, there are only three creations. Malaika, Jinn & Insaan.

    If anyone knows of any other creation, please let me know along with a proof from Qura’n.


    As per Hamzad, it falls under the category of INSAAN. Every INSAAN has a ROOHI, a JISM-e-KASEEF and a JISM-e-LATEEF.

    JISM-e-LATEEF is known as HAMZAD.

    Wassalam, Arif

  4. salam all
    hamzad got nothing to do with eman or religon
    its all ur efforts if u get succes than talk lots of
    peoples in all over the world they r interested
    and doing this amal they r from all religon soplz
    dont bring religon just control urself thats all if
    u r lusty person than ur hamzad gona be the same
    so plz dont bring religon in it
    thx a lot salam again

  5. there are only two ways to control your hamzad.

    Catagory-1. To bargain your EMAAN to become evil and then be-friend with your evil hamzad by controlling it.

    Catagory-2. To become spritually pure from inside, control your nafs, pass all the tasswaff steps and become purified from heart (Become a Mo’min) then hamzad is under ur command and is your guide to the true path to help you achieve highest of levels and help your way to be successful here and here after to achieve JANNAT.

    So fellows all what you people are trying over the net fall in Catagory-1 and is possible you may achieve success in controlling your hamzad but what you will loose has NO COMPARISON!!!!!!!!!!!

    i will pray for all of you to become pure and come to the Catagory-2 and not jus hamzad but then all the world is yours!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  6. AOA,

    so much old post and some useful comments aswell but not fullfilling to people desires of

    knowing exact experience of hamzad world.

    Know one thing that hamzad is one powerful creation of ALLAH SWT and it is ALLAH SWT one

    makhlooq of makhlooqaats BUT remember one thing that insan is ASHRAFUL-MAKHLOOQAT so hez

    above and can control rest of the MAKHLOOQAT with his ilm and knowledge.

    controlling hamzad is not an issue, issue is that r u ready for the consequences ????
    death and becoming mental etc are side effects of a failed ritual

    Question is then what is the issue.

    Issue is your EMAAN!!!!


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