Cappuccino the winter charm

As winter has already come in Karachi, the regular moods, foods, drinks, clothing and activities have changed of the people out there. Coffee is one the popular charm of winter season and thus coffee shops gain great business. But sometimes we don’t prefer to drive down to the coffee shop and sip the hot cappuccino in a chill weather. Instead we love to have coffee late night or in the evening while watching television with whole family. It sounds like a treat so why not make amazingly professional cappuccino at home and enjoy it in our cozy sofas and blankets with family or loved ones:

So, let’s learn how to make cappuccino in 3 simple steps:

1. Heat, boil and foam the milk in a pitcher. Once done, set it to the side for about 30 seconds.
2. Then pour the steam milk into a mug, do it slowly to avoid breaking the froth, and stop when you reaches 3/4 of the mug.
3. Put in the espresso down the middle of this foamy sculpture. And there you have it, a foamy cappuccino!

Not that complex right? No need to ask how to craft cappuccino like that expensive and popular coffee shops anymore. You can do it with 3 simple steps!

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