Canada Against Scarf

The conservative government of Canada has devised a draft of constitution which will restrict Muslim women who wear scarf to poll their votes. This debate was going along for some time in Canada, and a tussle was going on between Election Commission of Canada and the Canadian government, and now they have decided to take this decision, and only those people will be exempted from these laws, who have some provable medical reasons to hide their face.

This debate regarding scarf was started in the Quebec province of Canada, where mainly French language is spoken in last year’s September, and which has formed the basis for this Draconian law. Canada’s image was very nice in the outside world, and it was considered a democratic, tolerant, broad-minded, secular, non-religious and congenial country, but this law has negated all those images, and now Canada is just yet another Western country.

One wonders where all those so-called democratic norms and traditions have gone. The truth is that instead of Muslim countries, Western Christian states are very rigid and anti-Muslims and they are highly intolerant of what Muslims represent. They cannot for the heck of it tolerate Hijabs and beards, and that is why Canada has unmasked herself and joined the league. Muslim countries are not fundamentalists and rigid, rather they are busy like hell in mimicking the superficial Western values, and trying to copycat their apparent traditions.

The hypocrite and dual approach of Western governments is beyond comprehension. Scarf is also worn by the Christians nuns, and even common people wear it in Canada, where temperature often remains at freezing point. Incidentally, no Canadian or any other Muslim organization has voiced their reaction against this law, and don’t talk about OIC, because OIC is just another puppet of US.

4 thoughts on “Canada Against Scarf”

  1. i believe that is what they intend to do when there are female officials available.However, if there are no female officials available, I think they will have to show their face to the official.

    There’s probably about a few dozen burqa clad women in the whole of the country.Both sides have made an ugly fuss about it’s ramifications, when very little of substance exists.

  2. Fahd,
    It would be prudent for you to check a little before you publish such stuff on a website.There is not a single link to any story.On top of that, what you have written is just plain out tosh.

    Only VOTING for women in an all encompassing Bhurka(i.e where you can’t see their face at all) has been disallowed, simply because it is impossible to know who the voter is.Next time, you might not want to be such a sensationalist.


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