Caged Pakistan

Afghanistan is burning and defying while United States is not learning and the Bush in his last sighs is sending more and more Americans lives to be expended in the forsaken country. As there is very little in Kabul to fight over or to destroy, and more important, the supply lines are getting more difficult to defend, the battleground is moving deeper into Pakistan, following the Taliban into their hideouts or villages.

The United States plans to send between 20,000 and 30,000 additional troops to Afghanistan by summer 2009, the Chairman of the US Joint Chiefs of Staff, Mike Mullen. General David McKiernan, the US commander in Afghanistan, has asked for more than 20,000 extra US troops to counter a rise in insurgent violence, including four combat brigades, an aviation brigade and other support forces.

A US military official said Defence Secretary Robert Gates had already ordered the deployment of a combat aviation brigade with 2,800 troops to Afghanistan next year. Gates was in Pakistan some days ago where he expressed his utter disapproval of the actions taken by the Pakistan, and he has twisted the arms in Islamabad.

As US forces are gathering at our Western borders, India is threatening at the eastern borders and the lion is being surrounded.

2 thoughts on “Caged Pakistan”

  1. a few things — but i want to make it clear. This is a smear campaign against Pakistan. india has waited for this moment and they are having a ball right now!!! Their media has proven to be very un-professional, and even war-monger extremist. I wouldnt be surprised if these brahmin hindutva haram zadeh have infiltrated their media as well.

    I can speak with confidence that Pakistanis dont want war. Our economy has not been performing as well as it did in FY 2005-2006 (and 2007). But that has little say when we are being threatened. We are gifted with one of the largest Armies in the world, and one of the most professional Air Forces in the world (go see for yourself).

    I can only pray for peace and prosperity to Afghanistan and Frontier Pakistan. I myself am from tribal areas (Kurram Agency) and we have put up with a lot of shit that was stirred up from Zia ul-Haq/Regan/Cold War days.

    That said — Pakistan is an interesting country. During times like these, we set aside our differences. Our nation is united. And we will not tolerate these hindu bastards across the border to DARE threaten our homeland.

    Pakistan is our motherland. We will not tolerate any aggression. We love our country more than anything else.

    As for NATO supply lines — i suggest these yanks re-route their supplies via Tajikistan. It will be more expensive for them, but so be it. We dont want their garbage in our land.

    There comes a time (in war and in peace) when you must distinguish between true friend and true foe. Our time tested friends are Turkey, China, South Africa, Spain, UAE, Saudi Arabia and a few other countries with whom we have strong economic and military ties. We should work closer with them.

    ANYONE from india who wants to bring on the fight, bring it on. As i type this, the Armed Forces are training for possible conflict. My guns are loaded and under the pillow.

    if you indians want to lie to yourselves and tell yourselves that Pakistan is behind all your miseries –then fine so be it. But if you want to fight, then okay lets fight. We are ready.

    once indian cross the border into Pakistan, it will be a one-way ticket towards a fiery hell and bloodbath for hindu army.


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