Cable Operators : A Rising Menace

PEMRA is swift to specify a stringent code of conduct for cable channels but it hasn’t anything effective to induce some sense of responsibility and nobleness in cable operators.

Cable operators have become a considerable power in any locality, because of the private channels they run. Its entirely up to them to broadcast anything they want. They play obnoxious movies, vulgar Punjabi stage shows, semi-nude Indian and Pakistani songs and whatever they want. There seems to be no check and balance.

They also run their own advertisement campaign and charge huge sums of money from the advertisers. They bombard every channel with their local and national ads. Ads even appear during the news time and virtually they could appear any time anywhere.

If you are brave enough to contact them in person at their office, you will get real reception, which could range from complete neglect to nasty spanking. They can even physically assault you. In many areas, the cable operations are in the hands of those who are illiterate and after failing in any other fields have come into this. They don’t know a damn about consumer satisfaction, customer retention, human dignity and quality of service. They only know how to play more and more vulgar things, and they only know that they have to collect their monthly cable fee at every 1st.

I happen to experience the cable TV in almost all the big and many small cities of Pakistan, and things are more or less same. People have got a broad choice of channels, but almost all of them are crap except the sports and news channel. And during those useful channels, one has to suffer lots of ads and bad signals.

It is the need of hour that government should leash this growing monster, and put some severe checks on its quality of service. There should be a cable viewer feedback mechanism to PEMRA, so that we the poor have an option to register our tears and sufferings.

4 thoughts on “Cable Operators : A Rising Menace”

  1. there is no actual place where you can post a complaint that would solve the problem, so there is nothing much that you can do besides preventing your self from watching any of those obscene channels, its all about self control.
    and those cable people they are just trying to make a living and its not their fault that some people demand those kind of services.

  2. I believe people watch what they are shown. not the other way round. show them anything too frequently and they will end up ‘demanding’ more of it. show them good stuff then. they will sart demanding it once used to it. see, it’s all a game of getting used to things. calling good, good and bad, bad. which is not happening nowadays.

  3. let me say just one thing ….. you eyes can see what your eyes want to see, it’s not just the TV cable but the overall media thing which is need to be regularized by some authority in a proper manner, you are just talking about the impact of such vulgar stuff on the young, naive minds …… haven’t you heard about internet cafe’s they are doing an even worse job by promoting the most “extreme” form of vulgar entertainment


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