Bush blames Indians for food crisis

I always knew George W. Bush was a moron, and what he said about Indians being responsible for the current food crisis proves it. Of all people, he at least should have known that almost half of all Indians go to bed hungry every night. So how can the poor Indians be responsible for the prices of food going through the roof? In fact, India has been exporting food for many years now, despite all those hungry Indians who don’t earn enough to eat three meals every day.

No, Mr. Bush, Indians don’t have anything to do with the world food shortage, you’ll have to look elsewhere for the reason. Maybe it’s those speculators who are also responsible for the high oil prices. Maybe it’s the collective effect of years of global warming. But the most probable reason is the diversion of arable land to grow bio-diesel plants instead of food. As someone said recently, “It’s a crime against humanity to use land for bio-fuel instead of growing food on it.”

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