Bush Behind Karzai

United States President George W Bush has said that he could help diffusing the tension between Pakistan and Afghanistan, but he realizes the frustration in the Kabul. What that means is that Bush basically endorses the threats of puppet Hamid Karzai.

The funny thing is that now Bush realizes the importance of the Jirga. According to the media reports, The Bush also called for a for a new “Jirga” or traditional council of tribal leaders in the region to tackle the issue, saying: “That’d be a good idea to restart the Jirga process.” “There’s a lot of common ground,” he said. “It’s in no-one’s interest that extremists have a safe haven from which to operate.”

When the Awami National Party government convenes the Jirga with the local Taliban, Bush gets creeps and now he is himself suggesting is beyond the imagination and the comprehension. In his infinite wisdom, Bush has stopped short of endorsing Karzai and by taking cue from it, Karzai has repeated his threat.

Though Pakistan has recorded its protest in front of Afghan envoy, they should have sent him packing to the den in the Kabul, along with his millions of immigrants who are a load on our shoulders.

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