Burden on New Government

Heavy mandate is also putting heavy responsibilities on the new coalition government, and Makhdoom Yousuf has to become Khadim Yousuf to really pull the country out of this quagmire, which has sucked the life out of the people of Pakistan.

The economic progress is all time low, and the famous (now notorious) economic trickle down of economy by now defunct Shaukat Aziz has been blown. GDP Growth is also buried while the inflation is increasing by the minute. Other social issues are also untouched.

Now as the Prime Minister is there and the cabinet is also there and everything seems to be in place (except Punjab Assembly), it’s time that Mr. Gillani should pull some rabbit out of his hat and it’s time he swings some magic wand. His 100-day program was an eyewash, to put it mildly. He needs to now come up with some truly dynamic and workable solutions to the problems.

Attracting foreign investment and sprucing up local industry must be the key priority for the new government. Economic stability is the key for the survival of the new government.

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