Build the Brand

Building a brand was never easy, as it has become now. Dynamic, cheap, effective and in-vogue technologies like blogging has made branding more than easy. Not only easy, but also has give it world wide scope with in a jiffy.

Blog Branding isn’t something evil or un-imaginable. There is nothing wrong with just reading blogs for knowledge, news or entertainment, but why not take it a step further and leverage (or exploit) them to brand yourself?

Branding through blogging takes two forms. One through commenting on other blogs, or through blogging by yourself. When you are going through your favourite or un-favourite or even randomly selected blogs and you read something that you could potentially comment on, make certain you do so and don’t back off. You can disagree with the blog post, agree with it or even extend on the content, either way you should have something valuable to say or add. By doing this more people will get to know you and you’ll start building up your brand on the web.

Another way to brand yourself through blogs is to create your own. If you already have your own blog you are ahead of most of the crowd. If you don’t have a blog, don’t worry, just identify your niche and start blogging. Start blogging on what you are very familiar with. If you are an expert on horses and if you want to brand yourself as a horse expert than you should be blogging about horse. Participate in the major conversations that go on in your industry. Subscribe to as much blogs as possible related to your field.

Build a network through blogging and commenting and yes through linking. That is the way to brand yourself in your exclusive hall of fame.

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