Budget, a relief or a threat

The budget of Pakistan has posed the people to even more troubles. People are now facing the ever most price hike. There is not even a single item which you can say is cheap. Everything is way too much expensive. The question I want to raise here is that how can the government expect that a person, who gets a minimum wage of Rs. 100- Rs. 200 daily, can raise a family of twelve.

How can a father see his children craving for food and basic necessities of life, crying on their miserable life? His ultimate decision would be to snatch everything from the rich and feed his own poor children and somehow that is justified. Undoubtedly this is one of the reasons of the increased crime rates in the country. So this enormous inflation rate, itself, has created a number of other problems for the society. For instance, it has increased the rate of crimes in our country; similarly it has tremendously increased the rate of suicide in the country. Our country is in perils and there is no apparent solution to the problems of the people which they are facing every day.

There is an increase of fifty to hundred percent on the price of every food item. People are in despair. They had very high hopes with the present government but all the hopes have been shattered. In other countries, people always look forward to their upcoming budget as it relieves their on going problems. But the case in Pakistan is exactly opposite to it. In Pakistan the budget, instead of soothing the problems of people which they face due to price hike, boosts their troubles.

We need really good policy makers who really care for their people rather than those who are more anxious to fill their pockets by emptying the country’s treasure.

3 thoughts on “Budget, a relief or a threat”

  1. okay, Forget about ten or twelve children but unfortunately inflation rate is so high in pakistan that a person is not able to afford his own burden.

  2. How can the government expect that a person, who gets a minimum wage of Rs. 100- Rs. 200 daily, can raise a family of twelve?”. So who told the average Pakistani to have ten children? We should have a tough government like China’s where having more than one child is banned.


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