Bu Ali Sina

On a byway in the capital, Bu Ali Sina saw a sweeper cleaning lavatory on the roof and muttering a verse addressing own self, “How do I look after you. I do not need but am doing such a menial work for you. What ever the produce, I would spend on you or else why should be I doing this.”

Bu Ali Sina gave a laugh. Sweeper looked at him and read the question in his eyes as if Bu Ali Sina had meant, “What a favour you are doing to your self cleaning muck.”

Understanding this, sweeper gave a bigger laugh and it was Bu Ali Sina’s turn to look at him inquiringly. Sweeper explained to him, “I am independent in my work. There is no harm in working hard for a living. What ever the nature of job, it certainly is better than serving the ruler.”

Bu Ali Sina felt embarrassed because he was city minister and his aids also heard sweeper’s logic.

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