Bruno is one of those celebrities who have served to keep the mental liberties up and alive. He was an Italian philosopher, scientist and astrologer. John Kessler says that Bruno was Socrates of the sixteenth century. As per Schopenhauer only three scholars can match Greeks: Kant, Spinoza and Bruno. Eizon Loui says Bruno was scientist of Newton’s calibre and philosopher of Decant’s match.

Bruno had endorsed the concept that sun is the pivot of our universe and there are many more cosmos and every one is inhabited by intellectuals. Religious leaders of the time were against him due to his struggle against fundamentalism. He was apprehended and put on trial due to his ideas. The hearing went on for eight years and Bruno was awarded death sentence as a result. He was given an option that his life will be spared if he apologises in public. Of course he did not agree. He was burnt alive in Rome.

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