British Expenses Scandal claimed Minister Shahid Malik

The Daily Telegraph ran a story on the expenses of the MPs of the House of Commons this week. The money paid for their expenses comes from the pockets of the tax payers, who work hard to earn each penny.

Shahid MalikThe MPs are provided with cash for things that are helpful in accomplishing their jobs. These ‘things’ include expenses for a restaurant trip or traveling expenses and so on that are incurred in order to fulfill their professional duties.

These have been called essential expenses. But the report has found that all expenses are not essential. For instance, getting their toilets fixed and in one reported case an MP spending more than £10,000 on a new bathroom, kitchen and carpets.

This has resulted in extreme public anger. Commons Speaker, Micheal Martin and Justice Minister Shahid Malik both stepped down from their respective posts.

The whole scandal has chipped away at the reputation generally of every MP. And all consider it a serious matter and are trying best already to clear their names.

Now just miraculously, if we place all the Pakistani politicians in the British Parliament with their DEEDS open to the public…

The resulting image of such a scenario requires a very high resolution to imagine!

We can only hope that one day there will be peace and order in our beloved Pakistan.

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