Brief How To of Marketing Plan

So you have built up a world class product or service, but wondering how to make world aware of it. In this difficult situation, you need a workable, cheap, and effective marketing plan to promote your product or service. In this world of cut-throat competition, this is very crucial.

Take the opportunity to spend more time and effort to create deep relationships with existing customers as well as to attract new clients. Talk to your customers, vendors and even prospects. Ask them for their feedback on your product and/or service. Personal tactics include networking, seminars, workshops and trade shows, while impersonal tactics include direct mail, publicity and selling materials. Through repetition and the mix of both types of tactics, your prospects will begin to know and recall your product or service.

Customers will exhibit more of a “What’s in it for me” attitude. Now is the time to emphasize more what you can do for them rather than what you do in general. Make your product or service as relevant as possible and indicate how it fits into the life of the consumer or the end user. Motivate current clients to refer you to new ones. A satisfied customer is your best ambassador. Promote an organized program that gives your customer a perk, discount or gift for referring business or renewing current business. It is well worth the price.

Create a timetable by backing into your programs from the target date. Be sure you have a flow chart of deadlines and expectations so that everyone is on the same frequency. Look overall your efforts at the end of each allocated period and give them a grade. What worked? What didn’t? What paid for itself? Write a summary while the results are fresh in your mind and keep it in the appropriate file.

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