Breakthrough in Business

Corporate life is an ideal match for the skills and interests of many people, and that’s fine. But for entrepreneurs, anything more than a year or two could kill off that urge to build something. It’s hard to leave the comfort of a steady paycheck and the 9-5 routine, but it’s like get busy living or get busy dying.

Notion of you march to the beat of your own drum is pretty romantic and sweet, but its not something easy and comfortable, it takes life time struggle to be a master of yourself. Gut-wrenching hurdles and sheer demoralizing obstacles could eat you up. Its simply a fierce battle of survival, and its the game for fittest.

Starting your own business isn’t mean that you would be a celebrity or millionaire in the next 40 minutes. It isn’t meant that people would start flocking around your product or service the minute you make it public. That wont happen for sure. Its quite possible, and happens in most of the cases that you go on and on for years without any significant success, but that is the part and price of it.

To achieve a real instant success in your own work, you have got to have some real breakthrough and that comes through the combination of luck and hard work.

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