Brave Heart

Be brave, take risk, accept the challenges, don’t hold back. These are the secrets to remain unique in the crowd. This is the key to accomplish something worthwhile. This is the elixir to the ultimate success. break the stereotypes, ignore the traditional screams and change the world forever.

If you break the norms and try to set your own precedence, initially you will face a tough resistance. someone’s going to hate it. Probably a lot of someones. I would even go further than this by saying that if someone doesn’t really hate your approach then you are not doing some thing extraordinary. Its yet another run-of-the-mill idea.

Making only gradual improvements won’t work today, not with the billions of ever-popping problems and hitches all fighting for attention and offering pretty much the same complexity levels. Just keep being brave and most importantly–when you start to have doubts about how far out-there you should go, and you’re imagining how the people will burn you alive, just remember that the worst thing is being in the defensive mode. That’s what we should all be afraid of.

At first glance, these words may seem nothing more than a futile jiggery pockery, but to go over it requires a brave heart.

2 thoughts on “Brave Heart”

  1. Social dismemberment comes when the society is afraid, insecure, inept, and unwilling to accept a new idea, or change. Its all hate up to the point they see some benefit in it. How selfish, no? :/


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