Naegleria Fowleri: Brain eating amoeba claimed two more lives in Karachi

Naegleria Fowleri: Brain eating amoeba claimed two more lives in Karachi

The fatal brain eating amoeba has claimed two more lives in Karachi, bringing the total number of deaths caused by Naegleria to three this year. A 37 year old resident of DHA, Farooq Mir expired in Ziauddin Hospital due to Naegleria. Ten days ago, a 40 year old women also died because of the same parasite but there are news reports claiming that the health officials are not sure of her cause of death, which reportedly is Naegleria. She was a Clifton resident too.

Last month a teenage resident of Gulistan e jauhar became first victim of Naegleria Fowleri after visiting a famous water park. The other two victims’ mode of contact with the parasite is unknown so far.

Zafar Ejaz, director health of the provincial health department informed Dawn News that,

“A private hospital has confirmed the death of one person, a man named Farooq, while the other death of a woman is suspected to be due to the brain-eating amoeba but it has not been confirmed by the hospital,”

While Express tribune quoted him saying,

“[We are] not even sure about any deaths yet. The hospital management has not informed us yet. [This is] criminal negligence and we will take stern action against the management as they have to inform us immediately,”

Both statements are contradictory and not surprising at all as it is a routine to start blame game after tragedies like this. It is criminal negligence on part of health officials and water board too. Naegleria claimed 14 lives in Karachi last year and there’s no effective treatment available as of yet. Preventive measures are the only solution to curb this parasite.

  • Use chlorine tablets to purify water.
  • Avoid swimming in poorly chlorinated pools.
  • Use boiled or purified water for ablution/Wuzu to prevent Naegleria entering through nose.

Stay Safe Karachites.

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