Boucher’s Ratification

US Assistant Secretary of State for South and Central Asian Affairs Richard Boucher is back again and this time he has come with all the guns blazing while endorsing some of the efforts by the new slaves in the old leash. Boucher has blessed that the US will continue to use military means to fight terrorism in Pakistan and Afghanistan, and is satisfied with Pakistan’s new political government action against terrorism, but they need to do lot more.

The reality is that the people like Boucher know nothing. Pakistan has been driven to the edge: both politically and economically by the do more mantra of United States, and there is no going forward. Boucher must be told loud and clear that unpopular with the common Pakistani and the relentless US bombings of innocent people in the tribal belt was not helping matters.

One wonders as why exactly Boucher and his subordinates come to Pakistan. Why? And why our government tolerate there tone and their words and their orders? As an answer NRO comes to the mind.

Pakistan should have been stubborn on its position with regard to the incursions by the US troops in the tribal areas. PML-N leader Nawaz Sharif did not mince words while expressing his mind on the subject. He was strong enough to convey Pakistan’s anger on the attacks. The same should have been the line of the government with the likes of Boucher.

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